Cactus Collection in the Pot  Rings, Earrings & Necklaces

Cactus collection_Rings in a pot  925 Silver, Resin, Beads

Cactus collection_Earrings in a pot  925 Silver, Resin, Beads


I like bringing personal stories of mine in my own works. As I intended to talk about life in general with the concept of human figure, I would pick the idea from cactus to talk different story about life, more specific and more personal. The cactus collection is intended to show my brave yet solitary will to overcome hardships I have had to embrace as a part of my life in London, as cactus survive in deserted environment. It is also intended to encourage people to interact with my works from the point of view, distinct from that in human figure series, with its glittering yet subtle colours. As I was drawn to London for its splendour of colours, I would like people to feel something personal to themselves in colours of cactus collection. Every single piece in this collection involves tideous yet enjoyable making process from carving to dying, all by hands. Even those little pots.

*More images on the way.