Cover  Feb. 2011

p.172  Feb. 2011

Cactus Collection has been published in 2011 February issue of 'Haeng-bo-gi-ga-duk-han-jip,' the most trusted magazine on house, family, and life in Korea. Its fashion and beauty section entitled 'Jewellery Is Evolving' introduces Moon Young Shin's little cactus jewellery along with 5 other Korean jewellery designers and artists who share the sense of new materiality in jewellery.

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English translation of the except below

[...] It was acrylic that jewellery designer and maker Moon Young Shin carefully chose for her Cactus Collection, with which she tries to tell a bit of herself as a stranger in foreign lands. A little cacti surviving in harsh condition of desert reflects her struggles in the very early stage of her career. Acrylic is easy to work with, and any shape and colour can be made out of it. “For certain shape to make, acrylic can be fragile or tends to deform,” she added “so in such case, it needs to be reinforced with stronger materials which is silver or other metals.” As she describes, her works clearly show a variety of colours and shapes, which make them unique. […]