7 day project  Silver, Acrylic, Magnet, Pearl,2007

Monday  925 silver, 2007

Tuesday  925 silver, 2007

Wednesday  925 silver, pearl, 2007

Thursday  925 silver, 2007

Friday  925 silver, Acrylic, 2007

Saturday  Sorry, out of energy. 2007

Sunday  925 silver, magnet, thread, 2007

7 day project in Shadow  display with a light at ORIGIN 2008

7 day project at Origin 2010  Silver, Acrylic, Magnet, Pearl,2007

This was actually the first time I used human figures in my work. It was for an interim show
our first year, and I decided to have a series of rings, making one ring per day.
There are 7 rings, but this was not the case for the exhibition. I was on schedule to make
all 7 rings, but I fell very ill on the 6th day, which was Saturday.
So instead of a ring, I had a note that said, “Sorry, out of energy”. It was inspired by the
“Out of Order” signs you sometimes see on vending machines.