My series attempts to illustrate a communication between the artwork and the human figure. Normally, jewellery is thought to serve a complimentary purpose; the pieces are used in ways to accessorize one’s appearance. I want to draw a connection that is stronger, one that is readily discernable. The human form is employed in my artwork to help convey the image that there is a dialogue taking place between the human figure on depicted in the artwork and the person wearing it. With my series, the artwork plays an active role in the dialogue that is occurring. In order to facilitate this communication process, the narrative/storytelling component is emphasized. This way, the wearer can interact with the jewellery on multiple accounts. Not only is the jewellery serving an augmenting role, it allows the viewer to identify with the message that is displayed on the artwork and use it as a means for self-identification.

Many artists use the familiarity that they generate with the use of human figures to purposely juxtapose it with contradictory images. The deliberate manipulation of the initial familiarity that they create by using the human figures in their pieces seems to allow for a richer meaning to the narrative the artist wants to convey. I wanted my series to capture this sentiment. The paradox forces the public to re-evaluate the artwork, going beyond the familiar and into creating new perceptions of what they are viewing. My inspiration was to capture imperfections that intentionally blur the associations the audience can draw from the images. I wanted to touch on the tensions that arise when the human body contradicts the audience’s preconceived notions, realizing the incorporation of paradoxical themes had the potential to enhance the depth of my work. Having such a focus was very liberating for me as a jewellery designer. By going beyond the traditional, I was not limited to work within confined themes or materials. It opened the possibility of creating new meanings by portraying the familiar in unfamiliar ways. In this way, this series reflects a culmination of my growth and progress as an artist.

Moon Young Shin